internationale Dozenten

Design Thinking (3 CR)

Anna Weisenberger

start: Thursday 16th of November 2023 participants: 15

This Seminar provides the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of Design Thinking and experience the underlying mindset and energy. The user-centric approach of design thinking in interdisciplinary teams is ideal for developing new products, services or even business models. Design thinking...


Editorial Design (3 CR)

Dr. Claudia Fortagne

start: October 5th, Thursday 8:30 am participants: 15

Course description: 
In this class we will be exploring long-form graphic design. Our focus will be on books, magazines or in general multipage documents. The skills developed are basically creating continuity and variety across a range of pages, presenting different kinds of information...


Entrepreneurship (3 CR)

Sandra Skupin

start: Monday 9th of November 2023 participants: 20

"Shaping the future through creativity and entrepreneurship".
In this course, we look at the process of finding your professional why and begin to develop a sustainable
business model. We will also learn about social entrepreneurship and...


Global Challenges, Local Solutions & International Cooperation (3 CR)

Helene Bierstedt

start: Thursday, 5. Oktober participants: 18

 Are you interested in networking with international partners, academics and students on global challenges and local solutions?  Then, join us for this thriving course in co-operation with I-PraC Conference "Global Challenges, Local Solutions & International...


Next Materials (3 CR)

Hanna Niemeyer

start: n.n. participants: 11

In this course, based on the collection of the materials workshop, a basic knowledge of a variety of materials from different areas of application is taught. 
In the categories of minerals, metals, woods, plants & animals, textiles and plastics, we look at both traditional, everyday...


Typography/Layout (3 CR)

Dr. Claudia Fortagne

start: October 10th, Tuesday 11:00 participants: 15

This class focuses on the core principles of typography, the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills regarding typography and its role in design.  You will learn how to select fonts and develop layouts, obtain understanding of the difference between reading typography and experimental...